The OS is...

Compatible and Open Source

The OS is based on Linux and is community-made. The code of everything we used to make the OS is available on GitHub.

User Friendly and Modern

The desktop is simple by default,
is very customizable, has
a modern look and is feature-rich. Enhancements for a better experience
are also included.

Private and Secure

We don't collect any data about you, we don't show ads in the OS and Linux systems are more secure, because viruses for it are very rare!

The system is lightweight and very polished, to give you the best experience possible.

It has a traditonal desktop layout (similar to Windows) and it comes with most of the applications you will need.

In the future it will also comes with some helpful tools, such as our own app center for getting new application, a driver manager, a backup utility and more!

The Desktop

The Application Launcher and File Manager

Try it out now!

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